Totch Brown's
A Life in the Everglades
March 12, 1920 - May 8, 1996

I am Loren G. "Totch" Brown, a lifetime native of the Florida Everglades. My great-grandfather, John J. Brown and grandfather C. G. McKinney were among the very first to settle in the southwest Everglades, in 1880. My mother Alice Jane McKinney and father John J. Brown, Jr. were born here in 1892. I was born here in 1920.

At times my life in the Everglades was sustained by no more than what the Glades had to offer and the Everglades have never really let me down. Despite many hardships while bogging across the Everglades for food or hides to sell, they always gave me a warm campfire and a place to lie my tired body down. This makes the Everglades a very special and dear place to me.

Totch Brown -- March 12, 1920 - May 8, 1996

Photographs at this Site Provided by Oscar Thompson

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